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Fibromyalgia Can Be Tamed!

So says Dr. Sunny Kierstyn, Chiropractic Physician, Clinical Nutritionist, and Registered Nurse of Eugene. "About 45 to 55% of our cases get back in their lives rapidly. Two weeks to 90 days of care and they are sleeping better, performing better, doing exercises, playing with their children and back in their jobs as though not much had happened. It really depends on the type of fibromyalgia," says Dr. Kierstyn.

With five types of fibromyalgia now having been defined, this condition is becoming much easier to tame. Metabolic and toxic cases can take as much as four to twelve months to calm but even people with those types of fibromyalgia can plan to return to their lives. We've developed protocols that ARE working. "They may not be as fast as we would like but they are working!" declares Dr. Kierstyn with a smile. "It is so rewarding to watch these people blossom in their lives again."

"We've had many people who walk in and feel as though they are lost. They felt their life was over, that they are doomed to a life of pain. What they found here at the Fibromyalgia Care Center of Oregon is that life can become enjoyable again. Pain patterns can be resolved, exercise can be enjoyed, a simple movie or dinner out is pleasurable, and life again becomes full of promise."

The Fibromyalgia Care Center of Oregon is at 2677 Willakenzie Rd, Suite 7C, Eugene Oregon (right next to the Dairy Queen). You can discuss any of your concerns with Dr. Kierstyn at 541-654-0850.

Nothing feels quite as good as living in your body without grumps or aches or pains or restrictions or dysfunctions. Dr. Kierstyn LOVES to get people out of pain. Her her gentle manual chiropractic methods of correcting the human body helps a person feel much more comfortable in their body, right away!

Don't live with that headache or backache or with Fibromyalgia for that matter...please, don't get suckered into "managing" it...get rid of it! Gentle chiropractic correction will often get even the most stubborn of problems quieted.

Living in America can be wonderful for the spirit but taxing on the body. Gravity pulls on us every minute of every day; we walk on concrete – one of the hardest substances in the world on the human body – that actually compresses us as we walk on it; we ride around in vehicles that pack us down like boxes of cornflakes.

Enough compression over a long enough time will cause joints to slip and slide...sometimes parts will actually buckle, eliminating support for upper structures.

Many back problems, headache and sinus problems, mid back and shoulder problems result from prolonged compression. Fibromyalgia is an accumulation of all of that. And all of that is correctable. Of course the sooner you pay attention to the problem the easier it is to correct...the longer you wait the more difficult it is to tame.

Craniopathy and TBI

The biggest contribution that advanced craniopathy provides is with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). To anyone who has suffered a concussion of the head or body, whether there is a loss of consciousness or not, gentle correction of the cranial vault will improve nerve and brain function. Decrease of pain patterns, increase in functionality and increase in cognitive abilities are the usual results of gentle corrections provided by craniopathy. Any of our veterans who served in the last wars with IEDs should receive this type of care after their explosive experiences.

Sinus concerns and chronic headache patterns are known to resolve and fade with gentle cranial correction. That can be quickly understood but what is not often considered is how influential loosening the jaw problem (TMJ / temporal mandibular joint) - often found with low back, neck and fibromyalgia syndromes – can be in easing pain syndromes and chronic metabolic patterns. Amongst the few chiropractic physicians who have pioneered the knowledge, understanding and skill of cranial adjusting, Dr. Kierstyn has found that chronic diseases respond amazingly well to the neurologic intervention provided by cranial adjusting. To further appreciate this sophisticated level of structural care, explore www.sorsi.com and/or www.sotousa.com.


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